100% Colorado native meadow ecology planting in its first year 2013

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As opposed to a random assortment of anonymous grasses and wild
flowers, this design offers a purposeful shimmering micro-ecosystem.
A modest amount of regionally appropriate grasses and forbs have
been selected in order to keep this meadow planting graceful and
sleek in its wildness.
The playful lightness of the grasses combined with a colorful
selection of flowers from our bountiful heritage of Colorado natives
form a rich tapestry that is friendly to all life. Requiring minimal input of
water and time once established and never the need for hazardous
chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides so often applied to
lawns and more conventional gardens. This landscape will be a safe
haven providing food for birds, butterflies, and all type of beneficial
pollinators, as well as inspiration to the homeowners and local